Comparing Senior Living vs. Home Care

Choosing home care services is often the default decision because it allows family members to keep their senior loved one in a familiar environment. However, as needs increase, so does the cost of home care services.

Learn the ins and outs of home care and how the pricing, pros, and cons compare with a senior living option.


In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What to expect from senior living and home care
  • The types of home care
  • The benefits and drawbacks of home care
  • The benefits and drawbacks of senior living
  • Pricing information and cost comparisons
  • How to choose which option works best for you
  • Bonus: Compare your costs worksheet!

“The staff, as well as administration, makes sure that the residents are well taken care of. I know that they do a variety of activities throughout the day to keep the seniors actively engaged. Would recommend this facility to other families looking to find a nurturing place for their loved ones!”

-Mikayla H

“Excellent place to work and live! The employees truly care for the residents and their well-being, and are constantly working to provide top tier care and new activities. The management team is superb!”

-Hannah A

“Loving staff. They treat my mother like family. Very attentive. The memory care director Cheyenne is extremely thoughtful and caring. The best we have experience in years. She is angel! Sends weekly updates and keeps my mom engaged and active. We have tried other facilities and this is the best in the area.”

-Sarah W

“My parents health has improved since they moved to Rock Creek. Staff are very kind to my parents and me “

-Vickie B

Do you wonder

Whether senior living is right for you?

Are you interested in being more social? Do you need some extra assistance with cooking, cleaning, and driving? Would it be helpful to have someone around in case of an emergency? Take our senior living lifestyle survey to learn more about senior living options and whether senior living is right for you.


Worry about personal safety

Need help with chores and driving

Want more independence

Need assistance or personal care

Want to be more social

Need assisted living or memory care

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